24/7 Road Services & Fleet Maintenance Plans in Tucson, AZ.

In a city as vibrant and unique as Tucson, quality on-site services are an absolute must. That’s why BGA Truck Repair offers maintenance and inspection directly on-site. Rain or shine (more likely shine), our couriers will find and deliver any part or product as quickly as possible. Our friendly experts stock a wide variety of parts and tire sizes to guarantee the right fit in any need. Tucson is our neighborhood, and we’re ready for any service needs next door.

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Knowledgeable Mobile Technicians

Even experts reach their limits at some point. Our technicians communicate with each other. So you can be confident that when they reach a problem they are not working alone. This ensures that your company is provided with greater knowledge and in turn greater efficiency and safety.

Truck Diagnostics using JPro™ Diagnostic equipment

Every technician has up-to-date computer diagnostic equipment onboard. You can rest assured that we have both the knowledge and insight into both electronic and mechanical failures.

24-Hour Dispatch Truck Service

We are ready to send a truck out as soon as you need us. Normal dispatch time is within 15 minutes for an average ETA of 75 minutes throughout most of the Central and Northern AZ region.

24 Hour Access to Parts and Tires

Unlike many on-site service companies, BGA has committed to having a shop-like inventory on each and every truck. 15+ Tires of various sizes, brake parts, air fittings, filters, etc are heavily stocked according to the needs of our clients.

Annual DOT Inspections

A DOT inspection is an inspection conducted by the Department of Transportation to ensure that all the CMV parts and accessories are safe to use, in good condition, and working properly.

BIT Inspections (California Fleets)

During a BIT inspection, CHP Motor Carrier Specialist (MCS) personnel will inspect a sample of regulated vehicles, maintenance records, and driver records to determine if the motor carrier is in compliance with applicable motor carrier safety related statutes and regulations.